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Take a peek inside the world of some of the top events in the UK!

Fun activities and events in the UK!

The United Kingdom is a placed filled with alot of fun activities and events which offers an impressive lifestyle to all its residents. Social interaction between the people is important in order to ensure a healthy society and environment for the citizens. Every year, hundreds of various small and large scale events and activities are organized in UK for all age groups. These involve run for fun, race for life, charity sport activities, theatre, dramatics and what not!

Now, you can keep yourself in touch with the upcoming activities months before they take place. All thanks to the Volunteering England website! 

Who we are?

Volunteering England is an informational portal which offers complete information about upcoming activities in your surroundings in a matter of a click. Right from the –







Participation’s criteria and details

 You get access to everything about the activity on our website. Our team makes the efforts and spends the time in updating and maintaining the website to ensure a platform for you to be connected and be aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood.

Volunteering England has over hundreds of activities and events listed on our website for you to participate in and new ones are added to our database on daily basis!

Feel like participating in an activity?

Participating in a public event in fun! Especially if you get to know that some of them are also backed up with prizes and more. We offer complete details on how to get you registered for being a part of an event or activity which is going to take place in near future. You may also find or come across registration forms or links to registration forms on the organizer’s website where some activities have got online registration facility.

You can surf our website and check out the various activities. Then all you need to do is to choose the one in which you would like to take part and you will get all the information on how to participate in matter of a single click! As simple as that!

Age doesn’t matters!

When it comes to events and activities in UK, age is just a number! We have got activities being organized in different cities of the country every year for all age groups. Whether you are an adult, a child or a senior citizen who walks with the help of his stick, there is something surely for you to be a part of.

Get Notified!

Since that there are so many events and activities that take place every year in the United Kingdom with hundreds of participants and volunteers from around the country, keeping in touch and remaining up to date on all these events and activities might seem difficult but Volunteering England makes it easier for you!

All you need to do is to visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications and updates about public events and activities happening around you! We will also keep you posted in your inbox about how you can be a part of them.


We have helped many partake in fun and eventful activities in the UK. Here is what some have said about us!

This website is well-designed and user friendly. Finding an event of interest is very easy. I also appreciate the customer service. I was having difficulties registering for an event but the very helpful staff fully explained the registration process to me after I submitted a request for further assistance.
By By Pamela B. Moore

I run a local orphanage and I was constantly looking for ways to find new and fun activities for the children to partake in until I found the website of Volunteering England. It is so easy to use the website and to find different categories of activities for the children to partake in.
By Esther J. Barraza
Chase Pitkin Orphanage

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The events listed on our website is suitable for all ages and abilities!